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Bua na Cainte at Home

The NEW Bua na Cainte at Home includes a selection of the popular Conversations, Songs, Rhymes. Poems and Stories for each class level. Available for all class levels and a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, students can now enjoy learning Irish at home with their favourite characters.

What is included in Bua na Cainte at Home?

There is an array of animated conversations, where the children watch and listen to characters converse through Irish in exciting and interesting settings.

Each class level features a range of stimulating and lively songs, rhymes and poems to teach Gaeilge to children in an enjoyable way. Characters perform the songs on-screen, with actions, making the whole experience more interactive.

Each class level of Bua na Cainte features a range of stimulating animated stories, incorporating new and traditional tales that appeal to children of all ages.

New Parent App

Developed to support home-school links for students to enjoy learning Irish at home with their favourite characters